Our activity has drawn attention of some media. Here you can find out what has been said and written about us in mass-media, arranged chronologically:

  • Na językach – an interview with Ewa Haman, PhD and Zofia Wodniecka, PhD for Wysokie Obcasy, a popular Polish weekly newspaper (PL, 2012-03-19)




Więcej niż jeden język: zapraszamy na konsultacje dla rodziców, nauczycieli i specjalistów, które odbędą się 11 grudnia!

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We are thrilled to announce that Kalinka Timmer will soon be joining our lab on the Ulam fellowship that she received from NAWA!

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Lecture by Prof. Janet van Hell from Pennsylvania State University! We invite you to attend a lecture by our guest – Prof. Janet van Hell – on Thursday, June 27th, at 2 p.m. (room 2.15, Institute of Psychology, Ingardena 6)! Title: Understanding accented speech: the role of speaker identity and listener experience Abstract: Current everyday […]

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Title: Bilingualism: the flexible link between language and executive control. Abstract: The current view is that the ongoing experience of language switching, associated with bilingualism, modifies the neural networks involved in switching during nonverbal tasks. In agreement, our ERP results demonstrated that bilingualism modifies crucial brain networks, possibly by integrating pathways generally used for different domains. However, the extent to which […]

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